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Look what our clients are saying . . .  

I chose to work with Quas Dental Lab on the recommendation of the head of the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry.  Benefits of working with Quas Dental Lab include:  the personal relationship that develops when working with a small lab.  I am able to communicate my personal preferences, on time service, reasonable pricing, generous remake policy (though remakes are rare).  Two significant improvements [that have resulted from working with Quas Lab] are that I used to do my own lab work.  One improvement for myself is that I have plenty of spare time now!  No more worries. 

        I feel working with Quas is successful because Eric and his staff are very detail oriented, also their ability to accommodate our special requests i.e. patients that are requesting work to be returned sooner than the regular time allotted.  If a potential client was on the fence about working with Quas, I would say to them do not hesitate, Quas is a quality lab.  Quas has excellent workmanship, and their overall kindness to the dental office makes working with them a win-win situation.   – Dr. Peter Glatz, Springfield, IL



I have worked with Eric Quas and his wonderful lab for 13 years.  He and his staff are great people to do business with, but most importantly, their lab work is excellent.  Quas Lab consistently provides top notch prosthetics along with great personalized, professional service.  From custom staining, to the occasional but inevitable, rush case, Quas Lab delivers.  Many thanks to Eric at Quas Dental.  His work allows me to provide my patients with optimal dental restorations.   – Dr. Demetrios Diamantakos, Wheaton, IL


Less remakes.  Much less time adjusting crowns (less chair time).   – Dr. Frank Candre, Palatine, IL


Excellent, family-run, dependable, small business that is focused on quality, precision, latest technology, excellent turn around and one on one friendly and pleasant interactions/communications. 

– Dr. Stavroula Spyropoulos, Elmhurst, IL

1.  Quas Dental Lab was the preferred lab in dental school and I have worked with Quas ever since.

2.  Quas is always on time.  Eric is willing to work with our dental practice whenever

we need a case rushed.  


3.  Quas Lab's work is always accurate which means reduced chair time.

4.  High quality work.


5.  Whenever there is a question, Eric is always available to help.  We have a much more personal relationship with this lab than any other lab we have worked with.


6.  Professional, friendly and accurate - why go anywhere else? 

– Dr. Evan Fiedler, Yorkville, IL

It has been a pleasant journey working with Eric from Quas Dental Lab.  For the last four years I can vouch for the excellent workmanship which reduces chair time for successful restorations.  Eric's attention to detail, quality of restoration, punctuality, and low turnaround time has made my office run smoothly.  I highly recommend Quas Dental Lab to anyone who wants to have a mutually respectful experience.  

– Dr. Ashok Jhanji, Hometown, IL

I have been working with Quas Dental Lab since 2019 and my experience has been outstanding.  The beautiful, quality restorations that Eric and his team construct for me, consistently exceeds both my patients' and my standards.  You can count on Quas Dental Lab for excellent service and restorations.  Eric makes me look great!  Thank you Quas Dental Lab!  

– Dr. Randy Scarpiniti, Lombard, IL

I originally chose to work with Quas Lab for their great quality and service, and have benefited by having happy patients!  Great communication, service, and promptness are their biggest strengths.  They are a nice family owned lab!  

– Dr. Louis Pahopos, Elmhurst, IL

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